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Our network of local electricians have been serving residents and business owners In Bowie Maryland since 1987.

Our highly trained electricians can install any type of electric service panel for your home or business.

  • Commercial Build Out Wiring
  • Rewire Service Panel
  • Outdoor Electric Wiring
  • Repair Old Wiring
  • Replace Aluminum Wiring
  • New Home Wiring
  • Additions
  • New Outlet Locations
  • Add Electrical Switches

Residential & Commercial Electric Wiring In Bowie Maryland

Electrical Wiring Installation in Bowie Maryland 

Never underestimate the importance of  your home or business electrical wiring. The wiring in your home or business is a vital necessity that allows you to power everything in or around your home. From your air-conditioning and heating systems to your kitchen, entertainment centers, and lighting, everything that uses electricity uses your wiring system. If your wiring system isn't up-to-snuff, you could end up with malfunctioning electronics, at best, or electrical fires, at worst.

Electrical Wiring Contractor Bowie Maryland

No job is too big or too small for us. We are a fully equipped electrical wiring contractor in , we are equipped to address any of your residential or commercial wiring and rewiring needs. Our electrical expertise helps to ensure that your finished project meets the highest standards in the industry.

From small wiring jobs to complete wiring installs for entire homes or commercial buildings, we do it all. In addition, our electricians have many years of experience in the trade. If you have concerns about an electrical wiring issue or you want a estimate for new wiring installation, contact us today.

Aluminum Rewiring

While our Bowie Maryland electrical team is equipped and trained to handle any switch replacement, electrical rewiring, or electrical wiring repair services you might need, we specialize in protecting properties from the dangers of aluminum wires. Back in the mid-1960s and into the early 1970s, aluminum wiring became one of the major materials used when wiring homes.

People did not realize, at the time, that aluminum wiring is a probable fire hazard due to their expansion, micro-fretting, and connector arcing. These issues can cause overheating at connections between the wire, devices, and at the splices. As the connections in these areas get warmer, immense pressure is built up that allows the metal to flow into empty spaces within the connector.

Once the electrical load is removed, the aluminum begins to cool and contract, which creates a gap that can slowly corrode over time.

This corrosion increases the issues in your wiring system even further and can actually end up causing your wires to become hot enough to start a fire without ever causing the circuit breaker to trip. If you suspect or know your home or business has aluminum wiring, then you should contact our electrical experts inquire about our aluminum electrical rewiring services. We want to make your Bowie Maryland home safe and functional again.

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